Sleep Apnea

If you experience loud snoring that keeps your partner awake at night, you may have a problem with sleep apnea. This is a persistent and common condition that affects millions of Americans. You may change your sleeping position frequently and experience fatigue in the daytime.

Sleep apnea affects numerous patients regardless of their age. Many patients are not even aware that they have sleep apnea until they are diagnosed by the doctor. Most sleep apnea cases do not receive the proper treatment or attention. It is important to schedule regular visits to the doctor to determine if you’re snoring is related to sleep apnea.

As you are sleeping, your breathing is interrupted by brief pauses and oxygen flow is more restricted. The breathing causes result from an obstructive of the airways in your throat. If you cannot breathe normally, you will have a difficult time falling asleep. In the daytime, you will feel very tired and unable to do anything.

The most common symptoms for sleep apnea include regular snoring, constant tossing and turning, waking up with a sore throat, and feeling fatigue in the daytime. Sleep apnea affects more than your sleep, it can lead to problems affecting your overall health as well.

It is important to schedule a consultation and have any sleeping problems evaluated by a qualified doctor. At Simi West Dental, we can examine you for signs of sleep apnea and provide the recommended treatments. Visit our Simi Valley sleep apnea office or contact us by phone to schedule your consultation.

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