Orthodontics is a component of dentistry that involves the evaluation and treatment of jaw pain, facial concerns, or bite problems. Part of the orthodontic experience are braces. Despite their historical association with teenagers and children, adults are choosing to wear braces more so than ever.

Braces are versatile in realigning teeth, they reduce treatment time and prevent any disruptions to jaw growth. Adults can experience the benefits that teenagers have with braces. Numerous patients seek straight teeth because they reduce tooth decay, prevent periodontal disease, and decrease the probability of injury.

Orthodontic braces have been adapted to fit more with the lifestyle of adults, There are a wide range of orthodontic devices available. These include traditional braces, Invisalign, and Lingual braces. Invisalign is favored by numerous patients because of their flexibility and convenience. They less obtrusive and can be undetected by onlookers. Lingual braces are metal and fixed to the inner side of the teeth, which also renders them invisible.

For patients who want to avoid excessive spending on cosmetic treatments, Dr. Lebovics also specializes in Snap On Smiles. These provide a quick solution to broken, lost, stained, or chipped teeth. They are applied to the teeth in less than two appointments. No pain or invasive procedures are involved in the process.

Another specialty of Dr. Lebovics are Six Month Smiles Adult Braces. He is the first dentist to bring 6 Month Smiles to Simi Valley, and they have been a huge success. By incorporating modern cosmetic dentistry with traditional orthodontic care, your teeth will be aligned in the way you want in just six months.

By bringing the comfort of Six Month Smiles to Simi Valley, Dr. Josh Lebovics is providing orthodontic patients with increased comfort, added safety, and improved hygiene than orthodontic treatment with traditional metal braces. Additionally, patients with 6 Month Smiles are less embarrassed about their teeth than their counterparts with traditional braces.

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