6-Month Braces

Cosmetic PowerProx braces are fast and affordable teeth straightening treatments that work in just six months. PowerProx braces can move your teeth to their correct position in the most efficient manner, providing a beautiful smile earlier than most other treatments. If you have crowded, overlapped, or excessively spaced teeth, 6-month braces can work for you.

The braces utilize the latest technology and is integrated with trusted orthodontic dental treatment methods to provide accurate and efficient results. The technique behind the treatment is not additional force applied to the teeth, 6-month braces actually exert a low force. Using high force to move teeth may result in damage to the teeth, roots, and gums.

Since 6-month braces are a low force technique, they result in less pain than traditional or regular braces. You can make fewer visits to the dentist and enjoy a more comfortable, affordable orthodontic experience.

The braces are fitted over all of your teeth, they can blend into your natural tooth color, making them almost invisible. This is rarely a need to extract teeth to ensure the results of the treatment. Following the treatment period, you will wear retainers to stabilize the new positions of each individual tooth.

Simi West Dental in Simi Valley is one of the premier dental offices known for providing 6-month PowerProx braces. If you need an orthodontic restoration that delivers high quality and efficient results, please contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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