Dentures provide a solid restoration for multiple missing teeth. They improve your dental health aesthetic appearance. They can also keep the facial muscles strong and help you maintain a vibrant appearance.

Removable partial dentures are a recommended choice of treatment when only a few of your teeth have been lost. They are essentially bridges, except without the ability to last permanently. Full dentures are needed when many teeth have been lost. They are applied after the gum tissue has had time to fully recover.

Immediate full dentures are required to make a quick and comprehensive replacement of your teeth. The dentist will take measurements and place the dentures into your mouth. However, additional visits are required to ensure the results last for a long length of time. The jaw bone may change shape during the healing process. Until the recovery process is finalized, the dentures will remain loose.

Dentures need additionally time to adjust to your mouth. They may be loose and affect your eating and speaking functions. In time, the dentures will be able to adapt to your jaw movements and feel like your natural teeth. It is important to remain committed to a healthy dental hygiene routine. Brush your teeth to eliminate any plaque and food particles. You can place them in room-temperature water following their removal or place them in denture solution fluids.

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