Inlays and Onlays

An inlay is a custom filling that is designed from gold, porcelain, or composite material. The porcelain types are popular because of their resemblance to natural teeth. The inlay is permanently cemented to your teeth and repair aesthetic concerns.

Inlays treat defective feelings or damaged restorations. They are a more conservative treatment than crowns because there is less tooth structure being removed. Inlays are not permanent, but can last numerous years thanks to their durability.

Onlays also treat the problems that inlays address, including fractured, decayed, or aesthetically unpleasant teeth. In some cases, they can be referred to as partial crowns and permanently bonded to the teeth. As conservative restorations, they repair damaged teeth without requiring excessive enamel removal.

For both onlays and inlays, molds will be created beforehand to create a custom treatment. The tooth is numbed and any decay will be treated. The space is cleaned and prepared for the fitting of the restoration. A temporary filling will be provided while the restorations are being made.

After the inlays/onlays have been cemented into place, you will receive post-care instructions. It is essential to continue good oral hygiene practices and regular scheduled dental visits to ensure a thorough result.

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