Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fixed solution to missing teeth and can also provide an alternative to partial or complete dentures. Their stability allows them to provide excellent support and increased durability for your teeth. Our Simi Valley dental implants specialist focuses on producing comfortable and long-lasting results for patients.

The first stage of a dental implants procedure involves the surgical placement of artificial roots into the jawbone. After an x-ray has been performed, the area is numbed and the root will be surgically placed into the bone. Over the course of six months, the implant will begin to heal and integrate with the bone tissue. A second surgery may be required to place a post that will secure the artificial tooth.

After the root has healed, the artificial tooth (crown) is designed and anchored to the post. Once the crown has successfully been secured onto the implant, you can experience improved stability and comfort.

Dental Implants provide the following benefit:

  • Replace one or multiple missing teeth without moving adjacent teeth
  • Resolve bite problems
  • Restore a confident smile
  • Improve chewing and speech functions
  • Support bridges and dentures

Following the dental implants procedure, it is important to practice excellent oral hygiene. This includes teeth cleaning activities, eating habits, and scheduling regular dental visits.

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