Composite Fillings

A composite filling is tooth-colored and repairs teeth that have been affected by decay or trauma. After the affected portion of the tooth has been removed, the space left behind will be treated with the composite filling.

Composite fillings are among the more popular type of fillings because of their cosmetic advantages. Their appearance closely matches that of your original teeth and can be suitable for most visible areas of your smile.

There are a number of reasons for having composite fillings, these include:

  • Treating chipped teeth
  • Reducing space between two teeth
  • Restoring damaged teeth
  • Treating decay

Your Appointment

The fillings are placed in only a single appointment. After the tooth has been numbed, any decay will be identified and removed. Additional cleaning will be performed on the space before the filling placement. If the decay was found near the tooth nerve, specialized medication will be included as part of the process. The composite filling is then applied and polished.

After a procedure, you may experience increased hot and cold sensitivity, this is normal and will subside after your tooth has acclimated. Post-treatment care instructions will be provided to maintain the fillings and prevent any damage.

The benefits of Simi Valley dental fillings can result in a restructured and repaired smile. Please call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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